What is expected at 2012 photokina?

Photokina is the world’s biggest and most anticipated imaging fair that takes place every two years in a German town of Cologne (Köln). Industry leaders, traders, professionals and amateur photographers will all gather at September 18 to view and try the latest photographic equipment on the market. I have prepared a short list of expected announcements and rumors. Some cameras or lenses might be announced before the show, but the public will be able to see them for the first time at the fair.


A99: This is the one we’ve all been waiting for. Sony full frame SLT will compete for customers against mighty Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III. It will have 24MP sensor, advanced video recording controls an probably a very high burst rate (10 or more frames per second). Some sources have also reported extremely fast AF system.

NEX-5R: rumored to have a new 16MP sensor with phase detection, 180°sviwel touch-screen LCD and wi-fi connectivity.

NEX-6: some images have already leaked; camera will look similar to NEX-7 without tri-navi control wheels. There is external mode dial though, built in flash, hot-shoe, EVF, wi-fi and the same 16MP sensor as in new NEX-5R.

E-mount 35/1.8: A long expected addition to E-mount lens lineup. It is supposed to be relatively inexpensive, and not bigger than Sigma 30/2.8 lens. In my opinion, this one  should have been released two years ago with original NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras. But better late than never.

E-mount 11-18mm wideangle zoom. No description needed here.

E-mount 16-50 G pancake. G designation goes only on Sony’s high quality lenses and this one should not be an exception. Aperture will be somewhat slow at 3.5-5.6, but the lens is supposed to be a collapsible pancake, probably with motorized zoom control.

A-mount 50mm: There are maybe even two 50mm lenses coming; one with 1.4 and the other with 1.2 aperture.


D600: Full frame for as low as 1500 USD? If true, this might sell like hotcakes. It should have 24MP sensor, 3.2″ LCD, Full HD video recording and built-in AF motor for older Nikon lenses.

D7100: D7000 is discontinued just a few days ago, so we might see a successor soon. No info on characteristics yet.


There are some vague rumors of a camera that will support classic 4/3 lenses, most of which are extremely high quality. Those lenses can now be used on micro 4/3 cameras with an adapter but adapters are not ideal solution.


7D Mark II: Original 7D is three years old now and I am wondering is there a new model around the corner? If it is, it will probably have around 24MP and shoot at 10FPS.

5DX/3D: Canon doesn’t have a direct answer to Nikon’s high resolution D800 right now, but there are some rumors of 46MP full frame camera.


X-E1: Digicam info published these images of new X-E1 camera. It has electronic viewfinder only and will come in silver and black. Alongside with it, 18-55 f/2.8-4 lens will be to be announced.

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