Sigma 50mm F/1.4 ART announced

Sigma has announced a new lens: 50mm F/1.4 ART, a fast “normal” prime lens for full-frame cameras. Last year’s 35mm F/1.4 ART is a huge success, and if this new 50mm is built on the same quality level, Sigma might have another best seller. This lens might be especially interesting for Canon users since all current Canon 50mm lenses have some drawbacks (50mm F/1.8 has a cheap plastic build quality, 50 F/1.4 is more than 20 years old optical design and 50L F/1.2 is way too expensive for most people).

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Sigma 18-35 F/1.8 only $799!!!

No, this is not a typo, nor mine nor did Sigma drop a digit… The extraordinary 18-35 APS-C zoom with constant F/1.8 aperture is going to sale for only $799! Some first previews reported stellar performance, and since this is the world’s first F/1.8 zoom lens we all expected it to cost upward from $1500, but Sigma has its own ideas. I still wouldn’t call this a game changer… full frame is still full frame and no crop sensor can actually match its performance, but this lens might be a very strong reason for many photographers to stay on APS-C cameras. Considering the quality and features of the Nikon D7100 (my review of D7100 is coming within days), and the fact Canon will probably soon announce 70D and 7D MkII, this lens will give you a really good image quality for a small price.

I wrote about this lens when it was announced – click here to read more about it.

Sigma USB dock demo video released

Sigma recently released a demo video showing software of the late USB lens docking station in action. This dock is a very special product as it will allow users to adjust focus if there is a need for it (usually there is). Almost all modern DSLR cameras have the option to adjust AF accuracy, but often only as a single setting for every lens. This is a problem with zoom lenses since most tend to missfocus by different degree depending where in the zoom or focus range they are. Sigma USB dock will allow to set AF compensation at up to 4 focal lengths and at 4 different focus positions independently. There is also an option to adjust optical stabilization , focus limiter and AF speed. Click “continue reading” to view video:

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A surprise out of clear blue sky: Sigma announces 18-35mm F/1.8 lens!

While the big two (Canon & Nikon) successfully pursue the image of boring traditional companies, others like Sigma try to be inventive and gain a piece of market for themselves. Today, Sigma announced a new extraordinary lens: the 18-35mm F/1.8 DC HSM for APS-C sized sensors. Yes, this is not a typo; this zoom lens has constant F/1.8 aperture. As far as I know, no other photography lens has such aperture, the closest being Olympus with the two of their F/2 zoom lenses. Update: price is announced and it is only $799!

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