Samsung NX system – is this the end?

Recently, DP review published an article which made quite an impact in online photo community and it regards Samsung NX1 being discontinued in Germany. Since this is their flagship mirrorless camera and got superb reviews all over the internet’s, the news was quite a surprise (some say it was expected). Soon, more countries announced this model will no longer be available and so it became clear something is happening.

To me, this was not such a big surprise. I live in a small mid-europe country called Croatia, and at one point during the spring when I asked new cameras for review, local Samsung office replied digital cameras will no longer be sold in Croatia. We are a really tiny market and if they are leaving it, there must be problems even on bigger ones. It is now obvious NX system did not meet sales figures Samsung was expecting and many suspect they might even shut down entire camera business.

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Samsung NX3000 review

Samsung NX3000 is a new entry level mirrorless camera utilizing big APS-C sensor with 20 megapixels. Full HD video is also available; you get a swivel LCD, 5 fps continuous drive, RAW file format and free Adobe Lightroom software included. Now, if you follow my blog or Youtube channel from time to time, you probably know I never ranked Samsung cameras very good. It is because they perform excellent in one area and then disappoint in a whole line of others. Keep reading to find out whether NX3000 can change anything in my opinion about this brand or is it the same old story.

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Samsung NX mini review

Samsung is in a way similar to Sony. They like to experiment with digital cameras. If it shows to be a flop – no problem, something else will come next year that would sell well. Samsung already has a mirrorless system based around the NX lens mount and APS-C sized sensor, several cameras and a fistful of lenses. Therefore, the next logical (?) step was to introduce another mirrorless system, based around the smaller 13 x 9 mm sensor. So there it is: the NX mini. It is obvious who are the main target group – people who want small stylish camera with network connectivity and capable of somewhat better image quality compared to theirs iPhone. But is it more than that? That’s what I wanted to find out during my time with the NX mini.

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Samsung NX2000 short review

Samsung has been a player in mirrorless market almost since the first mirrorless cameras arrived. It has released a number of cameras and a range of lenses in the last few years but it seems it cannot grab a hold of significant market share nonetheless. The new  NX2000 is positioned at the bottom of the Samsung mirrorless lineup and I was anxious to see what it has to offer.

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Samsung NX300 review

NX300 is the latest mirrorless offering from Samsung. Behind the very nice retro design, NX300 has a full range of features which should appeal to prospective buyers: 20 MP APS-C sensor, full HD video, 3.3″ LCD with tilt and touch capability and Wi-Fi connection just to name a few. This is theory, but in practice NX300 is a classic example how a good product can be ruined by rushing it out on market without thoroughly testing it before release.

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Samsung releases source code for NX300 and NX2000

Samsung has published the source code for two of its latest mirrorless cameras: NX2000 and NX300. This is first time any major camera manufacturer offered camera firmware to public and opens a whole range of possibilities for users to enhance the camera’s capabilities.

Having in mind how successful Magic Lantern was with theirs firmware upgrade for Canon EOS bodies, this latest move from Samsung is a potential game changer. Possibilities are almost endless: advanced file processing, RAW video, HDR (yuck), time-lapse, focus peaking… programmers imagination becomes the limit.

Source code can be found at this link.