New Canon Powershots have arrived with minor updates

Canon has announced plenty of new gear most of which is actually old gear. Confused? Don’t be, it quite normal these days for any consumer electronics company to release new product that is essentially the same as old one with just some minor upgrades. Canon PowerShot G16 and S120 are Canon’s latest premium compact cameras, with G16 having now WiFi connection and S120 got slightly faster lens.

Popular PowerShot SX500 got a better sensor and is now called SX510 HS and SX160 IS got a Li-Ion battery and is now called SX170 IS. There is also a new lens – Canon EF-S 55-250 F/4-5.6 IS STM which is essentially the same as the old 55-250 but now has a silent step motor auto focus (STM).

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Canon Powershot SX270HS & SX280HS review

It seems Canon found a perfect formula for best selling compact ultra zoom camera. Powershot SX260HS is currently best selling digital camera on Amazon and has 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 670 customer reviews. But it’s one year old and that’s a usual product life for a compact digicam, so Canon recently announced two new models: Powershot SX270HS and SX280HS and I used them for the last week.

These cameras have actually completely identical specifications: 20x optical zoom, 12MP sensor and Full HD video, making the addition of GPS and Wi-Fi the only detail to differentiate SX280 from its cheaper sibling, the SX270. Canon already did something similar with its full-frame EOS 6D and i think it’s a smart move. GPS and Wi-Fi are functions that can be regarded as essential for some users but completely irrelevant to others. In this way, you can save a penny buying a cheaper model without it.

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Canon Powershot SX500IS review

Canon Powershot SX500IS is a small ultra zoom camera. Its 30x zoom lens covers the range of 24-720mm in 35mm equivalent and is paired to 16MP CCD sensor. SX500IS has a range of shooting modes including full manual controls over exposure and focus. Usually I don’t publish reviews of digital cameras of this price range, but this one attracted my attention, so here it is.

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Canon Powershot G15 vs Canon S110 review

Let’s say you’re buying a new compact camera and it has to have above average image quality and must be a Canon? Looks like you will choose between Powershot S110 and G15 cameras. They are very similar in many aspects, but completely different in a way they handle. I used them both at the same time and tried to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

These cameras have a long pedigreeā€¦ first G series model – the G1 debuted in 2000., and S110 can trace its origins from 1999′s S10 model. G series models were always a bit bigger than average compact cameras and were aimed at advanced users not wanting or being able to afford large DSLR models. S series share the image quality part from G models – sensor, optics and image processing firmware yet prioritize on size and portability. So how far have they evolved in 13 years? Let’s find out.

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