Nikon Coolpix P340 review

Nikon Coolpix P340 is the latest model in the line of advanced compact cameras. As expected it has a full range of manual controls and customizations including the ability to shoot in RAW file format and was developed with image quality as it main selling point. Of course, you can use it in full AUTO mode what makes it ideal for amateur users in search of a small camera with higher than usual image quality. Since most of the compact camera market share was eaten away by smartphones, advanced cameras like P340 have become very affordable, but most of them untill recently were not capable of producing image quality that could compete with larger DSLR and mirrorless cameras with significantly bigger image sensors. Well, times change and P340 turned out to be good enough to rival some of the older DSLR’s. Keep reading to find out what is so good about this camera even got me thinking into buying one!

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