Photographing the Moon

Photographing the moon might sound like a pretty straightforward photo assignment, but in reality needs a bit more attention in order to get a photo that really stands out. Since I recently had Sony DSC-HX300 on review it was an obvious choice for this kind of photo since it has 50x optical zoom which gave me field of view equal to 1200mm on full frame. This allowed me to frame a shot in such a way no crop will be required (except for different image ratios).

Most photographers tend to shoot moon during night when the sky is black, but I opted for a different solution this time. I took several shots during dusk in order to get blue sky to make the image stand out in the crowd of similar ones on the internet. Finally I chose one with the shade of blue sky I liked most, but this was still far from splendid (out of camera images are almost always boring looking), so I did some post processing.

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