Top 10 micro 4/3 lenses

Mirrorless cameras have gained a respectful base of followers in less than 4 years since first introduction. Panasonic and Olympus were first to break the ice and remove the mirror from interchangeable lens cameras. It proved to be a successful idea, quickly gaining market shares and other manufacturers soon followed with their own systems. One of the main early criticisms was toward the lack of native lenses, but those day are long past. Today, 38 lenses are available for use on Panasonic and Olympus micro 4/3 bodies. If you are tired of heavy DLSR cameras or lenses and ready to jump into mirrorless world, micro 4/3 system is your best gamble.

Therefore, I’ve assembled this guide of the best micro 4/3 lenses. Please note that this is not a music chart and the first on the list is not necessarily the best one (just like J.B.) :) . All of the lens here recommended are excellent performers and you should choose them regarding your shooting style.

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Olympus PEN E-PM2 review

PEN E-PM2 is the new compact entry-level mirrorless camera from Olympus. Being an early adopter of mirrorless camera systems, Olympus has (together with Panasonic) built an impressive digital imaging system based around its micro 4/3 lens mount. Today, you can choose between more than 30 lenses and 7 or 8 camera (not counting discontinued models), and E-PM2 is one of the company’s latest offerings. It is the smallest and most affordable model in Olympus lineup, but doesn’t lack much functionality of higher-priced models. In fact, it shares many important features of the praised OMD E-M5 model, including excellent 16 megapixel sensor or fast auto focus system.

PEN Mini E-PM2 was introduced alongside PEN Lite E-PL5, the more expensive model. In almost all aspects they are the same camera. For a bigger price, PEN Lite will give you a few extra buttons, external “Mode” dial, removable grip and tilt-able LCD screen (up to 170┬░for auto-portrait).

The new PEN Mini and PEN Lite will be shipped either with Toshiba Eye-Fi wirelless memory card or the new 15mm lenscap/lens free of charge, but not all combinations will be available in all markets. Please check what’s available in your country.

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