Olympus PEN E-PM2 review

PEN E-PM2 is the new compact entry-level mirrorless camera from Olympus. Being an early adopter of mirrorless camera systems, Olympus has (together with Panasonic) built an impressive digital imaging system based around its micro 4/3 lens mount. Today, you can choose between more than 30 lenses and 7 or 8 camera (not counting discontinued models), and E-PM2 is one of the company’s latest offerings. It is the smallest and most affordable model in Olympus lineup, but doesn’t lack much functionality of higher-priced models. In fact, it shares many important features of the praised OMD E-M5 model, including excellent 16 megapixel sensor or fast auto focus system.

PEN Mini E-PM2 was introduced alongside PEN Lite E-PL5, the more expensive model. In almost all aspects they are the same camera. For a bigger price, PEN Lite will give you a few extra buttons, external “Mode” dial, removable grip and tilt-able LCD screen (up to 170┬░for auto-portrait).

The new PEN Mini and PEN Lite will be shipped either with Toshiba Eye-Fi wirelless memory card or the new 15mm lenscap/lens free of charge, but not all combinations will be available in all markets. Please check what’s available in your country.

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