Mirrorless cameras – shape of things to come

SLR type cameras have firmly dominated the second part of the 20th century. They proved to be the best camera design for widest range of applications.

The ability to see what the lens sees in the viewfinder was the closest thing to final result (image) at the time. You could preview focus, DOF and exactly see what fits the frame (no parallax error like rangefinder style cameras). Yet, everything else remained a mystery. Is the exposition just right, how the scene will look like on black and white film and what if I missed the focus just a little bit but enough to ruin shallow DOF portrait…

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Nikon D800E review

Nikon stirred a lot of dust introducing D800 and D800E models earlier this year. The main reason was massive jump in resolution: at 36 megapixels, D800 is highest resolution camera on the market (except medium format) and a huge shift since its predecessor – Nikon D700. D800E differs itself from regular D800 by lack of anti-aliasing filter. In practice, images will appear slightly sharper but with more chance to get moire effect. In every other aspect, both cameras are the same.

Its main rival is Canon EOS 5D Mark III, which I reviewed a few months ago and you can read about it here. Since the late Photokina fair there is also Sony A99 which with its SLT technology and few unique features is a beast of its kind.

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