Nikon D4 review

I knew Nikon D4 is a fantastic camera before I got it for review. But so are many others and they do not cost as much as this one. So what is so special (expensive) about D4? Well, this one really works as advertised. Almost all other cameras on the market failed at one or more aspects of their performance. Sooner or later, they left me mumbling to myself something like: “…if it just focused better on this shot,had less noise on this pic or had better control layout I would have caught a perfect photo”. Well, Nikon D4 is the first camera that did absolutely everything I wanted it to, and left me mumbling to myself: “Shi*, I’m a lousy photographer”. If you have mastered a certain level of technical skills, D4 will very soon reveal all that’s bad in your artistic skills. It is that good.

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