Canon Powershot SX270HS & SX280HS review

It seems Canon found a perfect formula for best selling compact ultra zoom camera. Powershot SX260HS is currently best selling digital camera on Amazon and has 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from 670 customer reviews. But it’s one year old and that’s a usual product life for a compact digicam, so Canon recently announced two new models: Powershot SX270HS and SX280HS and I used them for the last week.

These cameras have actually completely identical specifications: 20x optical zoom, 12MP sensor and Full HD video, making the addition of GPS and Wi-Fi the only detail to differentiate SX280 from its cheaper sibling, the SX270. Canon already did something similar with its full-frame EOS 6D and i think it’s a smart move. GPS and Wi-Fi are functions that can be regarded as essential for some users but completely irrelevant to others. In this way, you can save a penny buying a cheaper model without it.

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