Canon Powershot S120 review

Canon Powershot S120 is a small compact camera made with emphasis on image quality. It is the fifth model in Canon’s S-series and shares many similarities with previous models. It still has the same image sensor as S100 and S110 as is the case with the lens (now it lets in slightly more light), but you get higher resolution LCD, 60p full HD video and fast 12fps burst for JPEG format. Since the introductions of the S90 these cameras had a lot of satisfied customers and I was curios to see how the latest S120 fares with modern competitors, especially since there are a lot of options today that did not exist in 2009 when the ┬áS90 hit the shelves.

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New Canon Powershots have arrived with minor updates

Canon has announced plenty of new gear most of which is actually old gear. Confused? Don’t be, it quite normal these days for any consumer electronics company to release new product that is essentially the same as old one with just some minor upgrades. Canon PowerShot G16 and S120 are Canon’s latest premium compact cameras, with G16 having now WiFi connection and S120 got slightly faster lens.

Popular PowerShot SX500 got a better sensor and is now called SX510 HS and SX160 IS got a Li-Ion battery and is now called SX170 IS. There is also a new lens – Canon EF-S 55-250 F/4-5.6 IS STM which is essentially the same as the old 55-250 but now has a silent step motor auto focus (STM).

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