Canon Powershot G15 vs Canon S110 review

Let’s say you’re buying a new compact camera and it has to have above average image quality and must be a Canon? Looks like you will choose between Powershot S110 and G15 cameras. They are very similar in many aspects, but completely different in a way they handle. I used them both at the same time and tried to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

These cameras have a long pedigreeā€¦ first G series model – the G1 debuted in 2000., and S110 can trace its origins from 1999′s S10 model. G series models were always a bit bigger than average compact cameras and were aimed at advanced users not wanting or being able to afford large DSLR models. S series share the image quality part from G models – sensor, optics and image processing firmware yet prioritize on size and portability. So how far have they evolved in 13 years? Let’s find out.

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