Christmas 2015 digital camera shopping guide

It’s the time of year when a lot of people get new gear, so it’s time for a shopping guide. What makes this article different from most of similar ones is that I will recommend gear I have reviewed personally and liked it enough that I would consider buying it myself. That means I will skip a lot of good cameras because they have something that would bother me if I had them; it doesn’t mean cameras not listed here suck: they are just not to my personal taste. If for some camera category I think there are no good cameras I will simply recommend avoiding purchase and saving the money towards something better.

I will focus down to what is available on the market right now and at current price points. That means some good but currently in my opinion overpriced cameras might not be recommended at all. Sorry but for most of us money dictates what we can afford.

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How to solve incompatibility between Canon EOS 6D and Yongnuo YN468 flash unit

Camera manufacturers are sneaky bastards: they will do anything to force you buying overpriced original equipment and accessories. That includes writing a piece of code in camera firmware which will make cameras incompatible to some 3rd party flash units, what I found out earlier this afternoon in a very annoying way: buying a flash which would not work on my Canon EOS 6D. It’s a Yongnuo YN468 speedlite flash that I bough second hand for around $50. The guy that sold it to me said he hardly ever used it. It sure does looks like new and when I tried it before buying, it worked just fine. The problem was I tried it in daylight on a parking lot and could not know that there will be issues in real use.

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Canon EOS 6D preview

Canon office in Croatia organized a press event yesterday, covering all the latest news and digital cameras from recent Photokina fair. Besides new G15 and S110, we had a chance to try the new Canon EOS 6D digital SLR camera. 6D uses new 20 megapixel sensor and will compete with Nikon D600 camera as a budget full frame camera.

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