Sony A5000 review

A5000 is the latest mirrorless camera from Sony. Don’t be confused by the new naming scheme, this is just ¬†another ordinary NEX camera. Sony said they implemented the new naming scheme in order not to confuse customers, but the generally accepted opinion is that the confusion is now even worse. NEX name was well accepted and it was easy to distinguish cameras, but now you have one name – ALPHA for all Sony interchangeable lens cameras and some of them are E-mount, some are A-mount. For a novice or a non-gear head this is a nightmare. A5000 is actually the successor to NEX-3N which replaced the NEX-F3 which replaced the NEX-C3 which came after the original NEX-3 in 2010. Five models in three and a half years. What for? God only knows (and maybe someone from Sony).

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