Sony NEX-F3 review

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Dynamic range is excellent. “Shadow lifting” on this photo revealed all the details in the field together with nice green color. Some noise appeared, but not to the extent most users would care.

This stump photo was taken with 16mm lens (the one everybody says is no good) with ultra wide angle adapter which provides 18mm viewing angle (in 35mm eq.). Color reproduction from RAW files is great and is a joy to experiment with sliders in photo manipulation software.

180° tilting LCD made taking this photo a breeze. Any other camera would have made me crawl through the dirt or just snap pictures at random hoping at least some will be focused and framed as I want.

Candid street photography is a joy with NEX cameras. Any DSLR sized camera pointed at people frightens most of them nowdays. F3 can take shots from the waist level and even if you are seen, you will probably be regarded as a tourist whit a camera this small. Electronic first curtain also helps a lot; NEX-F3 is rather quiet taking shots. There was a joke regarding the old loud NEX-3 and 5 shutter sound; it was said there was just one difference between using NEX on burst mode and AK-47 assault rifle; the first one will leave shooting subjects safe and alive. :)

JPEG files are excellent, sharp and well exposed. It is advisable to leave DRO option always on; it helps a lot with high contrast images in bright daylight. On the other side, those who know what to do with RAW files are here for a treat as the sensor is in terms of noise, dynamic range and color reproduction one of the best on the market today.

Panorama mode

Sony has a best implementation of panorama mode of all manufacturers. You just have to point your camera, press the shutter button and gently sweep the camera across the scene. The built in software will automatically stitch the images and that’s it. Works like a charm.



All together, Sony NEX-F3 is a camera that can definitely be recommended. Image quality is on a very high level, especially when used in RAW mode and processed in new Photoshop CS6. What’s interesting, although this camera is obviously made for amateur users, it has enough functions (with some reservations) to be used for serious photo assignments, especially when paired with manual focus lenses. Current price of around 600 USD is appropriate, and except for the lack of separate battery charger, F3 has no reasons not be recommended. Anyone looking for a relatively small camera with large sensor might want to consider this one.


Full resolution samples available for download:

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