Sony DSC-RX10 preview

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ISO 125, 1/1600, F/2.8

ISO 125, 1/640, F/2.8

ISO 125, 1/800, F/5.6

ISO 125, 1/400, F/8

ISO 125, 1/500, F/4

ISO 125, 1/500, F/4

ISO 125, 1/320, F/5.6

ISO 125, 1/1000, F/4

ISO 125, 1/400, F/8

ISO 125, 1/320, F/8

ISO 125, 1/400, F/5.6

ISO 125, 1/500, F/5.6

ISO 125, 1/640, F/5.6

ISO 125, 1/1600, F/5.6

ISO 400, 1/1600, F/2.8


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13 thoughts on “Sony DSC-RX10 preview

  1. “I’m sorry, i didn’t know it is forbidden to shoot videos while moving or use zoom and pan.”.
    Of course it’s not forbidden – it’s not forbidden to make bad movies. GOOD movies as they were made to millions since more than 100 years don’t make these beginner’s errors. In a video (a movie), the subject should move, NOT the camera! Short pans are of course allowed – as an exception. But pans are really difficult for the ones who are lookint at the film. And zooming makes a very unnatural effect; this is the reason why cameras are mounted on rails or cars to move to and from the scene when required.

  2. Ivane,
    This is 1 inch type sensor, which is not same as 1″ diagonally. 1″=25.4 mm and diagonal length of this sensor is 15.86 mm

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  5. Hi, amazing A7 and RX10 vídeos ! thanks ! well, I’m confunsing now , what you recomend for vídeos , great vídeos , GH3 , RX10 or A7 ? It’s similar, different or GH3 is the queen yet ? for the price RX10 I think because the price, but and about quality ?

  6. Thanks very much for the preview. Good to get a view from somebody who understands the RX10 concept (unlike DPR). I am wondering if this video interpolation of the Bionz X is capable of variable scaling too? I n theory 1:1 scaling would give you another 3x magnification for HD video = 600mm.. That would be mighty!

  7. dreadful dynamic range in the videos, crushed blacks and highlights.. for that price kind of unacceptable

    • That’s the default, it’s like that with the RX100 too. Reduce the contrast and you’re set. Surely the review mentionned that the video mode is fully customizable. And the sensor used in this camera is known to have above avegare dynamic range. So no reason to complain.

  8. Hi, thanks for the good preview. In the full review, please also include low-light video samples and the MTS files for the videos, as Sony promised quite a lot for video in this camera.
    Looking forward to the detailed review.

  9. You should learn to keep the camera steady! This means no moving around, no zoom and no panning. Your samples with Sony RX10 are pointless the way you made them.

    • I’m sorry, i didn’t know it is forbidden to shoot videos while moving or use zoom and pan. I will tell the world to rotate underneath me while i keep static position with my camera in the universe. If Ken Rockwell can, how hard could it be for me to do it? :)

      If I made a static video, there would be half a dosen comments why I didn’t show how the zoom works or pan to see if there is rolling shutter. Can’t satisfy you all.

      • The videos were helpful, showing that the camera is able to lock on to erratically moving subjects in a chaotic scene without jumping to people and objects that moved into the foreground, has amazing zoom range, and recovered the exposure quickly after being panned across a white wall with bright sun reflected off it. Impressive. Would you mind shooting a quick interview and/or musicians playing so we could assess the sound quality? Thanks for posting!

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