Samsung NX2000 short review

Samsung has been a player in mirrorless market almost since the first mirrorless cameras arrived. It has released a number of cameras and a range of lenses in the last few years but it seems it cannot grab a hold of significant market share nonetheless. The new  NX2000 is positioned at the bottom of the Samsung mirrorless lineup and I was anxious to see what it has to offer.

Samsung NX200 body is built from plastic. It doesn’t have that high-quality product feel and looks, but it seems to me it is put reasonably well together. Grip is well shaped and allows comfortable grip for longer periods of time. Protruding thumb rest in the back also helps a lot.

There are very few external controls on NX200; shutter button, movie recording, playback and a single control dial. NX200 is meant to be primarily controlled via touch LCD interface. In this aspect, it is very clear this camera is intended for Smartphone users who want to upgrade to a camera with high image quality but similarly simple control layout. When you start to dig through the menu it becomes apparent that NX200 is still a full featured camera, but I doubt anyone would have the patience to search for manual settings each time. Just leave it on AUTO and that’s it.

LCD has a pretty big diagonal of 3.7 inches and 1.2 million dots. It is detailed with wide viewing angles but lack brightness in daylight conditions and has a pretty strong reflection. Touch function works as it should. There is neither viewfinder nor an option to attach one.

Image sensor is APS-C sized and has 20 megapixels. This is a part of this camera I cannot find a single objection. Image quality is excellent and up to the standards set by Sony or Olympus mirrorless cameras in both daylight and low-light conditions.

Samsung NX2000 uses Li-Ion battery which is strong enough for around 300 shots. It is charged in camera via USB or electric outlet adapter.

A detail that surprised me is the use of micro-SD memory cards. There is plenty of space for normal SD cards, so the use of hard-to-handle micro-SD cards is perplexing for me. Samsung must have had the idea that a typical NX200 user will never remove the card but will transfer photos via USB cable or using Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

Video mode offers usual Full HD quality, but I got the camera with 20-50mm lens which doesn’t have optical stabilization. The result: shaky videos. My advice is to buy this camera with 18-55 lens with optical stabilization it video is of any importance to you.


Samsung NX2000 has good image quality but I found too many irritating details on this camera to recommend it. If you just need a camera to use it in “AUTO” mode and have nothing against all-touch-screen interface buy it. It will deliver excellent photographs. But for everyone else, there are far more usable mirrorless cameras from Sony and Olympus.


  • Image quality
  • Good touch-screen responsiveness
  • LCD size
  • Wi-Fi built-in


  • Uses micro SD memory cards
  • LCD hard to see in sunny weather
  • Too few external controls
  • No external battery charger
  • Kit lens 20-50mm without optical stabilization



(All converted from RAW with minor adjustments)

ISO 100, 1/250, F/8

ISO 100, 1/500, F/8

ISO 200, 1/160, F/8

ISO 100, 1/250, F/8

ISO 100, 1/200, F/8

ISO 100, 1/500, F/8

ISO 100, 1/500, F/8

ISO 100, 1/320, F/8

ISO 100, 1/320, F/8

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2 thoughts on “Samsung NX2000 short review

  1. Hi, your video was very helpful! I want to buy this camera, but the thing I don’t like is that there is no optical stabilization. I don’t like the videos. Tell me, is there good macro? It is very important for me. What do you think, can this camera be compered with, for exempel, canon 450d? And how expencive is objetive with stabilization?

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