Samsung Galaxy Camera review

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21x optical zoom lens places this camera in ultra-zoom category. It translates to 23-483mm in 35mm equivalent which is more than most users will ever need. F/2.8 aperture at wide angle comes down to f/5.9 at maximum zoom. Optical stabilization is also present.

Optically, the lens is an average performer. It is sharper in the middle of the frame at almost all focal lengths. Some chromatic aberrations are present, but light fall-off is very well controlled. Basically, it is more or less in the same quality league as the ones found in many other “classic” ultra-zoom cameras on the market, and most users will be quite satisfied.

Autofocus speed is good but still not as fast as mirrorless or DSLR cameras.


Battery used is a replaceable Li-Ion unit with 1650mAh. According to CIPA measurements, it will provide around 340 photos, 90minutes of video recording, 34 hours of music playback and around 6 hours of internet use.

There is a built-in 8GB memory and support for micro SD cards for up to 64GB.


Samsung Galaxy Camera price will differ accordingly how you buy it. The device itself will cost around 700 $ (~540 Euros), but most mobile service providers will offer it at significantly lower prices if bought with 12 or 24 month contract. Please contact your local mobile service provider for latest Samsung Galaxy Camera price.


I spent a very limited time with the new Samsung Galaxy Camera, but it was enough to become certain that it’s a great product. Image quality is excellent; photos are well exposed with vibrant colors and very sharp. They are not perfect though; noise reduction is apparent even at low ISO, and lens could have been sharper in corners. Users in demand for critical image quality might want to look elsewhere, but this is not a camera aimed at advanced users in the first place.

Instead, this could be the best solution for photographers accustomed to Smartphone photography, who want to use various in-camera filters and effect and share the results directly to social networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. If you felt limited with you mobile phone’s fixed-focal length camera and tiny sensor, galaxy Camera might be the best upgrade solution. Large 4.8″ LCD is also an important characteristic; framing a shot on such large and detailed LCD really puts you in contact with your subject and makes photography really fun.

It’s a shame it can’t make phone calls but anyway; thumbs up for Samsung doing something different and new! :)


  • Supreme LCD
  • 21x optical zoom
  • Excellent photos quality
  • Network usability
  • Android OS supports endless applications
  • Battery life


  • Slow manual controls
  • Lacks only call functionality to become a full-featured Smartphone
  • Corner sharpness not that great
  • Noise reduction visible even at base ISO

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