Panasonic Lumix Leica 12-60mm F/2.8-4 OIS review

Panasonic 12-60mm F/2.8-4 OIS is the premium grade micro four thirds lens. At around $1000 it is not exactly affordable but promises (and delivers!) high image and build quality together with weather sealing and optical stabilization. It is also rather light at only 320g what is impressive considering Olympus had a lens of identical focal range and aperture at 575g back in the days when they produced DSLR cameras. Anyway, you can see my entire review on YouTube and just below there are crops at various focal legths and aperurtures to judge sharpness.

Product shots

Sharpness series







If you decide to buy this lens or anything else over Amazon, consider using my links as I will receive small percentege of every purchase which allows me to make a living and continue writing these reviews. :)

2 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix Leica 12-60mm F/2.8-4 OIS review

  1. It looks as though this lens is not what I hoped it would be. The corner sharpness is ordinary at best, particularly at the long end. I’m using the Lumix 12-35 and was thinking of moving up, but I reckon it outperforms this Leica lens, albeit without the long end. :(

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