Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100 hands-on preview

Panasonic just announced the new pocket ultra-zoom: the Lumix DMC-TZ100. I had the chance to try the pre-production model and it looks quite promising. Main selling point of this camera will be large 1″ type sensor combined with the 10x optical zoom. Sensors of this size are found in Sony RX100, RX10, Canon G7X and Panasonic TZ1000 cameras. It has 20 megapixels and because of its size will offer superior low light performance compared to compact cameras with smaller sensors. Until now all compact cameras with a sensor as big as this one had limited zoom range – 3 or 4 times. Panasonic TZ100 has 10x optical zoom – 25-250mm in 35 mm terms and this might just be the reason to buy it for many photographers. This is more versatile zoom range than the one found on Sony RX100 and the camera is still small enough to fit in a pocket.

Main specifications:

  • Sensor: 20 megapixels, 1″ type CMOS 13.2 x 8.8mm (5472 x 3648)
  • Image ratios: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1
  • ISO range: 125-12,800 (expanded 80-25,600)
  • File formats: JPEG, RAW
  • Body: metal
  • Lens: 25-250mm (35mm eq.) F/2.8-5.9
  • Macro: 5cm
  • Image stabilization: Yes (lens)
  • LCD: 3″, 1,040,000 dots
  • EVF: 1,166,000 dots, 0,46x magnification
  • Shutter: 60s – 1/16,000s
  • Video: 4K (max 30p), HD (max 60p), MPEG-4 and AVCHD
  • Battery: Li-Ion (cca 300 shots abttery life)
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Size and weight: 111 x 65 x 44 mm, 312g
  • Expected price and availability: $ 700, March 2016.

LCD screen has 3 inches diagonal, 900,000 dots and is touch sensitive. Small electronic viewfinder is built-in and has 1.1 million dots what should be enough for occasional use. 

Typical for modern Panasonic cameras, it has 4K video recording as well as HD resolutions.

The new feature we haven’t seen before is post focus which works the same as 4K photo mode seen on GX8 or TZ300. Camera records 4k video while shifting focus plane and later you can grab a screenshot and save it as 8MP JPEG still photo. First thing that comes to my mind about post focus feature is potential application for macro work, making it easier to get deeper field of view for close-ups.

Another novelty I need to point out is that this model finally uses standard micro USB connector for transferring images to PC and charging, it seems Panasonic is finally done with proprietary connectors.

That’s about it for this short preview, I can’t wait to review the production model properly; this might be one of the more interesting cameras in 2016.

Panasonic TZ100 images:

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