Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 review

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LCD display has superb quality in every aspect. It sports now standard 3″ diagonal with 921,000 dots. It is very sharp with rich colors and perfect viewing angles. It is articulated and can be closed for display protection. There is no touch function though but I never felt like needing one during my time with the camera.

Electronic viewfinder is equally good. With its 2,359,000 dots it is sharp and detailed and I never felt the need for optical finder. Both EVF and LCD can have black and white picture while camera still records in color. There is also an option thanks to which FZ1000 will focus as soon as you place your eye near the EVF.


The camera uses standard SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Battery is a DMW-BLC12 Li-Ion unit strong enough for around 350 shots on a single charge. More would be nice, but it’s hard to squeeze it out of the battery since this camera works in constant live-view mode. It is possible, but with significantly larger battery like Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX mini have. You get a proper external charger in the box.


Panasonic is a strong player on the video market and FZ1000 lives up to the task being one of the very few digital cameras on the market with 4K video recording. 4K TV sets and monitors are still rare in most households so one might wonder what the point is but there are several key benefits: you can grab 8 megapixel still shots out of the video if needed and 4K video looks fantastic when down sampled to HD resolution. Also, you are future proof; one day 4K monitors will be standard and you will be happy when you see today’s memories in 4K resolution 10 years in the future. Keep in mind, 4K resolution is offered only in video mode (you need to switch mode dial to video).

Standard HD video can record up to 60p at 28Mbits and also looks superb, very fluid, sharp and with excellent colors. I never noticed compression artifacts or Moire.

FZ1000 also offers time lapse and stop motion animation as well as high speed video recording.

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4 thoughts on “Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 review

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  2. Ok thank you i have the fz 1000 but i don t have the same results in low light video l have much noise

    • This is staight out of the camera, no post processing. But I cant remember what setting were in the camera or even ISO used, simply forgot to write it down.

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