Olympus Stylus SP-100 ultra zoom review

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Olympus SP-100 showed to be relatively decent camera. It has got several weak points, but all of the cameras in this category have them. Image quality is acceptable but not more than that: automatic white balance is weird and can produce odd looking colors and the noise reduction wipes out fine details in images. LCD and electronic viewfinder are also not state of the art and should be heavily upgraded in the next model, whenever it arrives.

Still, all is not a bad camera. SP-100 has the best auto focus speed I’ve seen to date among ultra zoom cameras. This is extremely important since the long zoom range is useless if you cannot focus on to whatever you are shooting at. Ergonomics is also very good as is the battery life and shadow recovery. When you add the unique Dot-sight finder, the camera as a whole is a solid package. I would still urge you to get something with far less optical zoom but better image quality like Nikon P340 if you want a small camera, some mirrorless or even an entry-level DSLR; all of them can be bought at similar price as is the SP-100 or any other ultra-zoom. But if you really need to have gigantuous optical zoom, SP-100 would be at the top of my list mainly due to fast auto focus which makes the huge zoom range usable in real life.


  • Dot-sight finder
  • Auto focus speed both for stills and video
  • Good battery life
  • Easy and logical to use
  • Good ergonomics
  • Generally fast in use


  • Noise reduction artifacts visible in images
  • Automatic white balance
  • LCD and EVF quality not to modern standards


All straight out of camera:

ISO 125, F/2.9, 1/1600

ISO 125, F/6, 1/320

ISO 125, F/6, 1/400

ISO 125, F/8.4, 1/250

ISO 125, F/8.4, 1/800

ISO 125, F/11, 1/320

ISO 125, F/6.5, 1/100, maximum zoom

ISO 200, F/6.5, 1/250, maximum zoom

ISO 800, F/2.9, 1/10, auto WB

ISO 800, F/2.9, 1/10, manual WB

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4 thoughts on “Olympus Stylus SP-100 ultra zoom review

    • SP-100 is good for beginners but is nowhere near the image quality Canon 100D can deliver. Go for Canon

  1. Do you know how much video can be recorded with the included batteries fully charged?

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