Olympus PEN E-PM2 review

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E-PM2 inherited all the good characteristics from its predecessor and got upgraded in all the key areas. New sensor provides excellent image quality (including high ISO), and camera is fast and responsive in use. It’s a matter of personal preferences, but I would still rather buy PEN Lite instead of Mini just because I’m a tilt-LCD sucker and adore waist-level shooting style. If you don’t care about it, E-PM2 might be the way to go; it will save you some money and still provide the same high image quality.

With relatively few external controls and small size it is clearly intended for amateur users looking for a highly portable digital camera with DSLR image quality, but there’s a fully functional advanced level camera hidden beneath. It can easily be used in full AUTO mode and provide excellent images, as well as a serious piece of equipment for advanced users. Not many mirrorless cameras have such versatility, especially in this price category, and PEN E-PM2 deserves full recommendations.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of customizations and advanced options rarely seen in this class of digital cameras
  • In body stabilization
  • Small and compact size
  • Excellent JPEG images
  • Low high ISO noise
  • Touch LCD
  • Fast auto focus
  • Standard flash hot-shoe
  • In-camera RAW editing


  • Occasional highlight clipping in JPEG
  • Aggressive noise reduction in JPEG output (when viewed at 100% magnification)
  • Shutter button on ergonomically bad position

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8 thoughts on “Olympus PEN E-PM2 review

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  3. Odlična recenzija i drago mi je da netko iz naše male Hrvatske piše na engleskom… i ja se premišljam između Sonija ali starijeg modela nex c3 i starijeg e pm1 čisto radi financijske situacije… da nije vjerojatno bi si premišljao između f3 i pm2…. Za 2700kn uz e pm1 standardni kit dobiješ i objekitv 40-150mm tako da ću najvjerojatnije uzet njega… nego htio sam još samo pitati dal su slike orginal neobrađene ili ste ih obradili u Photoshopu ili nekom sličnom programu?

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  5. Thanks for your nice review!
    I’m looking too buy my first Micro four third camera and I want to choose between the Nex-f3 and E-pm2. Which one do you prefer or recommend?

    • NEX-3 is not micro 4/3, it has Sony E-mount… They are both great cameras and I enjoyed using them both.

      You will have to decide what features ar more important to you… NEX has tilt-LCD, sweep panorama, focus peaking, pop-up flash and better video mode.
      E-PM2 has built-in sensor stabilization, more advanced settings, standard hot-shoe for strong external flash, touch LCD and wider lens selection if you want to upgrade beyond the kit lens.

      You can’t actually make a mistake buyong either. :)

  6. Thanks for this exhaustive review — the first to be published in English, if I am correctly informed. Will take a closer look at your site now!

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