Olympus 25mm F/1.2 Pro review

Olympus 25mm F/1.2 Pro lens is the fastest lens in terms of aperture available by Olympus at this moment. It keeps relatively small dimensions and weight given the large aperture and as it turned out, exceptional build and optical quality. You can find all information’s and test analysis in my Youtube review of this lens. Download links for full resolution sharpness test are below.

Test images:  F/1.2   F/1.4   F/2   F/2.8   F/4   F/5.6   F/8   F/11   F/16

Images above are generated from RAW files in Photoshop, no adjustments.

2 thoughts on “Olympus 25mm F/1.2 Pro review

  1. Hi Ivan
    Found your youtube videos, like it a lot.
    If I purchase the oly em1 markii, i’ll get it through your links..Wondering if I have a gap in my lens system.
    Is it worth getting the 12-100mm pro lens,considering I already own oly 45mm and panasonic 20mm pancake, and panny 100-300 lens
    I use camera for video(street scenes and youtube videos/stills as casual traveler?

    • Hi! I’d say it is worth to get it since 12-100 is great for traveling when you don’t know what to expect; you might need wide angle for one shot, telephoto for second and then once again wide angle when you walk around the corner… changing between 20 and 45mm lenses many times a day might be bothersome (at least for me it would). Still, keep both primes as they are F/1.8 when you want shallow FOV or for low light. 100-300 continues with telephoto reach just where 100-300 would end so this will be quite a nice lens system with almost all bases covered.

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