Nikon P7700 vs. Olympus XZ-2 review

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Let’s take a look if there is any major difference in image quality. Image on the left iz Nikon, right one Olympus:

If you pixel-peeped these samples good enough, you may have noticed Nikon P7700 has sharper images. It is (mostly) because P7700 chooses higher F-numbers in AUTO mode (I used “green AUTO” on purpose to see what these cameras can do by themselves). Due to small sensors and small lens diameter, diffraction becomes obvious on lower apertures. Olympus chose small F numbers and hence lower sharpness. You can avoid it by shooting in aperture priority mode. Lenses by themselves are almost equally sharp. In examples below (both cameras at F/2), there is no difference in center of the frame, but Nikon has advantage in corners (look at the trees in upper left corner).

And several OOC JPEG shots:

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