Nikon D5500 review

I have just published my video review of the D5500, the latest amater DSLR from Nikon. The camera packs a full range of advanced features, starting from 24 megapixels APS-C sensor without AA filter, 60p full HD video recording, tilt and touch LCD, built-in WiFi and 5fps continuous shooting to name just a few. Some might object there are to few differences compared to previous D5300 and they are pretty much right about it. If you own D3200, D3300 or D5300, this new D5500 is pointless upgade, bt for anyone with an older model than those just mentioned, this is quite a good choice. Check the video review to see what I concluded after a week of shooting with the D5500.

And for those wanting to check full resolution samples, just click on the “continue reading”.

Full res samples (all from RAW, setting to personal taste):


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2 thoughts on “Nikon D5500 review

  1. Hi Ivan,

    Great camera review site, keep up the good work.

    I have a question – I want to do time lapse photography (and high speed but that is too costly). I think photography should be about showing us what we can’t see, as well as capturing the moment – and I wanted a built in intervalometer, so the D5500 seems a good choice but it only has a battery life of c. 800 shots. Why then does the time lapse function offer 9999 programmable shots?

    My only other camera choice that I can afford is the FZ330, but you stated in an earlier reply that you would choose the D5500 over that because of the superior sensor.



    • In time lapse mode it will probabaly fire more than 800 shots since it will not use LCD or flash. Average battery life is calculated in normal use (photos, videos, flash, LCD every few shots etc.) For very long timelapses cameras will be used with dummy battery (connected to AC power supply) and could shoot forever (theretically). That’s why it offers 9999 shots.

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