Nikon 1 V2 review

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V2 can record movies at 1920×1080@60i or 30 p, and lower resolution (1280×720) has a 60p frame rate. A detail which separates it amongst competition is a special mode called “Advanced movie” which allows shooting small resolution (640 x 240) videos at 400 fps and 1200 fps at 320 x 120. They are recorded and played back at traditional 30fps giving the effect of a slow motion movie. Also, it is possible to use full manual exposure controls in video mode which might appeal to video enthusiasts.


Since I reviewed NEX-6 just a few weeks ago and it costs almost the same as the new Nikon V2, one might wonder which one to buy? They are similar in many ways: built-in EVF, excellent build quality, big grip, built-in flash and Full-HD video.

Sadly for Nikon, Sony has some major “PROS” on its side: tilt-LCD, larger sensor with better high-ISO performance and generally higher image quality, more manual controls and customization options and Wi-Fi. NEX-6 can be used without a hassle at ISO 6400, while V2′s image falls aparat at such high values.

But wait, Nikon V2 has also some important features: much faster burst mode and very interesting slow-motion movie mode. It also comes with external charger so you can leave one battery at home/hotel room charging while shooting with the other one; NEX-6 has USB charging and dedicated battery charger is an optional extra. NEX-6 also has that appalling menu system while V2 uses more traditional menu that’s easier to navigate.

Nikon V2 vs Sony NEX-6 is a matter of personal preference and you’ll have to decide which of the features are more important to you or which of them will bother you less.


Nikon did a very good job with the new V2. Some features distinguish it from the competition, like 60fps continous burst mode or slow motion video. But most of everything, it seems to me Nikon finally has a mirrorless camera that’s really enjoyable to shoot with. Although it lacks some advanced features and has smaller sensor than competitors, I enjoyed shooting with it more than with Olympus E-PM2 for example, and that one has some serious advanced options and better sensor. Nikon V2 is responsive, easy to use and feels very natural in hand. Image quality is good but still behind best in-class competitors, and I could recommend it to users in search of a nice and fast family camera used primarily in daylight.


  • Build quality
  • Grip shape
  • LCD and EVF quality
  • Image quality at lower ISO
  • 60fps continuous shooting
  • Slow motion videos
  • Easy and enjoyable to use


  • No live histogram
  • Noise at higher ISO settings
  • No tilt-LCD

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