Fuji X-T2 review

X-T2 is the latest mirrorless flagship from Fuji, in price and features very similar to X-PRO 2.

It has impressive specifications some of which are 24MP sensor, advanced auto focus paired with very fast continuous shooting up to 14fps, high resolution LCD and EVF, 4K video recording, dual SD card slots and many more. All of that and more was the subject of my review which you can see on Youtube.

If you can’t decide between X-PRO2 and X-T2, keep in mind X-PRO2 is made for photographers who enjoy prime lenses, rangefinder style placement of hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder and generally shoot more stationary scenes, while X-T2 emphasizes sport photography, usage with heavier and bigger lenses, and video recording.

You can check current Fuji X-T2 price on Amazon.

Full resolution samples (roll over with mouse for ISO value):

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