Canon EOS 80D first thougths

2016 will be the year of the cameras for Canon. After the flagship EOS 1DX mark II, Canon recently released semi-pro model EOS 80D. This is a successor of the EOS 70D which was released back in the summer of 2013. Canon 80D brings a lot of improvements: 45 point AF module (all are cross type and central works down to -3EV), enhanced dual-pixel live view focusing system, improved video mode (1080@60p, mic input + headphones output) and finally a new 24 megapixels sensor which should give significant boost in image quality.

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What is expected from Canon in 2016?

2016 is going to be Canon’s year. No less than five DSLR cameras are expected and three of them are top of the line models. They might not sell in huge numbers like entry level cameras, but are very important for working professionals as well as company image; Canon cannot afford to make just an ordinary products. The expected cameras are 1DX mark II, 5D mark IV, 6D mark II, 80D, 1300D and probably a replacement for 100D.

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New Canon wide-angle lenses announced

Some time ago, Canon stated 2014 will be the year of the lenses and today they finally announced a pair of new lenses. The first one is an 16-35mm F/4 L IS full frame wide angle lens, and  the second one EF-S 10-18mm F/4.5-5.6 IS STM made for use on cameras with APS-C sensor. Canon has also announced pricing and availability for the new lenses: both should be in stores by the end of June with 16-35mm priced at $1199 and 10-18mm priced at only $300.

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Amazon deals on Sony SLT cameras (up to $600 discount)

Amazon has several excellent deals on Sony SLT cameras A58, A65 and A77 I’d like to bring your attention to.

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A surprise out of clear blue sky: Sigma announces 18-35mm F/1.8 lens!

While the big two (Canon & Nikon) successfully pursue the image of boring traditional companies, others like Sigma try to be inventive and gain a piece of market for themselves. Today, Sigma announced a new extraordinary lens: the 18-35mm F/1.8 DC HSM for APS-C sized sensors. Yes, this is not a typo; this zoom lens has constant F/1.8 aperture. As far as I know, no other photography lens has such aperture, the closest being Olympus with the two of their F/2 zoom lenses. Update: price is announced and it is only $799!

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Canon EOS 100D & 700D preview

Canon has announced two new DLSR models – the 100D (Rebel SL1) and 700D (Rebel T5i). Both have 18 MP APS-C sensors, 9 focus points, Full HD video recording and all the usual Canon bells and whistles. So what’s new…? In one word – nothing. Specifications of the 700D are almost identical with the previous model (the 650D), and 100D differs from 700D with smaller body size and the lack of articulated LCD.

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Nikon D7100 announced

Nikon has announced the D7100 – the new mid-range DSLR with APS-C sized sensor. Main advantages over the now more than two years old D7000 revolve around the new 24 megapixel sensor without anti aliasing filter, 51-opint auto focus system and the ability to shoot up to 7 frames per second in crop (2x) mode. The recommended Nikon D7100 price is around $ 1,200 body only and $ 1,600 with 18-105 F/3.5-5.6 VR lens. The shipping will start in about a month.

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Canon EOS 6D preview

Canon office in Croatia organized a press event yesterday, covering all the latest news and digital cameras from recent Photokina fair. Besides new G15 and S110, we had a chance to try the new Canon EOS 6D digital SLR camera. 6D uses new 20 megapixel sensor and will compete with Nikon D600 camera as a budget full frame camera.

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Nikon D600 – affordable full frame

Those of you who regularly follow rumor blogs knew all about this camera days ago… Nikon did a bad job at keeping its latest camera a secret. Now it’s finally official – the affordable full frame D600 is announced. It sports 24 megapixel sensor inside a body very similar to that of D7000. Starting retail price is $ 2100 for body only and $ 2700 for 24-58 f3.5-4.5 VR kit lens bundle.

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Pentax K-5 II DSLR announced

Pentax has just announced two new cameras, the K-5 II and K-5 IIs without the AA filter. They both closely resemble much appraised K-5 and earlier K-7 models; all the changes are under the hood. Just like Nikon did with D800E, Pentax decided to release a version of the camera without anti aliasing filter. In theory, pictures will become shaper with more details recorded, but with the downside of possible moiré artifacts. In real life testing, Nikon D800E delivered sharper photographs only when paired to high end lenses and at certain aperture settings, so it is yet to be shown to what extent the new Pentax will be able to utilize its lack of low pass filter.

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