Case Logic CPL 109 backpack review

I’ve prepared another camera bag review and this time its Case Logic CPL 109 backpack. This is a classic backpack made specifically for photographers. It has two main compartments with removable dividers, extra pockets for small thighs like memory cards or a chocolate bar, iPad compartment and rain cover. It is available in black or grey color and has an average retail value of $90.

Official specifications and current pricing can be found at Case Logic CPL 109 camera case website.

Main camera compartment has internal dimensions of approximately 8 x 8 x 4.5 inches (20 x 20 x 11 cm) according to my measurements. There are two dividers which can be rearranged or completely removed. You can fit any DSLR with most of the popular lenses (18-55, 55-250, 24-105, various primes and similar). Gripped DSLR will not fit since there is not enough space in height (I’m sure some of you will manage to squeeze one by force but this is not a backpack built for overly big photo gear). DSLR with a big telephoto lensĀ  attached (like 70-200) will not fit inside.

Depending on your lens selection you will fit camera body with a lens and 1-2 spare lenses in the main camera compartment. If you use mirrorless system like Sony NEX or micro 4/3 which have small camera bodies and (mostly) even smaller lenses (often pancakes) you could fit a whole set of 1-2 bodies and 6-7 lenses in Case Logic CPL 109 backpack.

Main compartment can be accessed from the side (quick access to camera) or can be completely opened to allow access to spare lenses. There are two velcro stop-straps which protect the zipper from accidental opening which can result with lenses falling out.

Upper compartment is a bit smaller since it narrows to the top. It has 8 inches width at the bottom but narrows to 6″-7″ at the top. This is still big enough to fit another DSLR with kit lens or 2-3 spare lenses (depending how big they are, image above). Actually, Canon 70-200 easily fits inside and if you have something bigger, chances are you will not consider this backpack in the first place. In real life, I used this compartment mostly for assorted range of stuff like a spare long sleeve t-shirt or a can of beer. :)

There is a rain cover tucked away at the bottom of the backpack which can be completely removed and washed (it has a velcro that’s holding it to the backpack).

IPad pocket is an important detail if you’re a tablet PC user; I am not so I squeezed an 8″ x 10″ book inside just for the photo shoot.

The small pocket at the top is meant for wallet or a Smartphone so they can be easily accessed without opening any of the main compartments.

There is no way to attach a tripod on this backpack.

This is how the backpack looks in real life… I am 180cm tall (5.11″), so if you are taller person CPl 109 might look tiny on your back.


I’m happy to report build quality is up to my expectations. Materials used seem to be durable and all of the zippers work as they should (no problems when opening and closing them).

Visual appearance is unobtrusive so it doesn’t signal to potential thieves you carry expensive camera gear with you. This is the main reason I will never buy any Canon or Nikon branded bags but will always opt for third party manufacturers.

Case Logic CPL 109 felt very easy to wear. Weight is evenly distributed across the straps and I had no back or shoulder fatigue even after several hours of walking or riding a bicycle with this backpack.


After almost three weeks of use I can recommend this backpack without hesitation. It has enough space for a normal DSLR system (body without grip + 2-4 lenses) and enough spare for assorted things like memory cards, filters and similar stuff. Dedicated iPad pocket is another plus and there is a rain cover to protect the backpack and all of its content in case of unexpected rain shower. Only negative side might be lack of tripod carrying straps but this depends on your own preferences and most people actually don’t use tripod regularly.

4 thoughts on “Case Logic CPL 109 backpack review

  1. Thanks man for the quick reply. Much appreciated and looking forward to some pics. I am choosing between the Case Logic and the LowePro Fastpack DSLR 150 AW. Seem pretty similar on the outside.

  2. Interesting review. Would it be possible for you to show a picture how it looks when on your back? I saw a complaint on a website that the backpack looked like a child’s backpack on the back of an adult. Would be great if we can conclude this for our own.

    • I’ll try to take a few pics of it on my back… untill then yes, it can look very small especially if it is a tall person, but this is somewhat smaller back pack…

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