Canon Powershot SX270HS & SX280HS review

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Canon SX270HS and XS280HS are delivered with NB-6L Li-Ion battery and external charger. It is strong enough for around 200 shots according to CIPA measurements, but i think this is over exaggerated. Using GPS and a lot of zooming on SX280 delivered only around 100 shots what is pretty low. A spare battery might be a good investment.


Continuous shooting is available at 3.8 fps and the cameras kept this pace up to 24 images when they slowed down. This should be enough for most amateur applications.

Macro goes down to 5cm (two inches).

Auto focus is very good even at lower light levels when it takes up to two second to acquire focus. At daylight conditions it takes only up to half a second. A green AF assist light is also present.


Altogether, I think Canon has another best seller. SX270 and SX280 could be excellent travel cameras: small and thin but with versatile 20x optical zoom lenses. They are very easy to operate but still have manual exposure modes and allow experienced users to tako full control over image creation process. Operation is fast in all aspects, from start-up, image review and zoom and can record up to 24 images at 4 fps burst. Image quality is also a pleasant surprise: not many similar cameras have such details at low ISO and usable high ISO at the same time. The lens is also a great performer – sharp and very resistant to chromatic abberations and flare. There are some irritanig quirks (ISO fixed for longer than 1″ exposures, camera shuts down when you open battery door etc.), but overall it’s a very responsive and fun digital camera to use. Just remember to buy a spare battery and you will be quite happy with both SX270 and SX280.


  • Easy and fast to use
  • Excellent image quality
  • Huge 20x optical zoom
  • Effective image stabilization
  • Great Full HD video mode
  • LCD quality and viewing angles
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi (SX280 only)


  • Battery life
  • No live histogram in recording mode
  • ISO fixed at 80 for longer than 1″ exposures


ISO 80,F/5.6, 1/120

ISO 125,F/4, 1/1250

ISO 125,F/4, 1/1000

ISO 125,F/5, 1/800

ISO 160,F/4, 1/1250

ISO 80,F/6.8, 1/125

ISO 125,F/4, 1/500

ISO 160,F/5.6, 1/250

ISO 125,F/6.8, 1/1000

ISO 3200,F/5, 1/160

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5 thoughts on “Canon Powershot SX270HS & SX280HS review

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  5. Just bought the 270, so this review was very helpful and informative. Will go out tomorrow and try out all the features. Many thanks.

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