Canon Powershot N review

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The lens has 8x optical zoom (28-224mm in 35mm equivalent) and optical image stabilization. Optically, it is quite good… now that I’m looking at photographs there are no obvious flaws in any of them. Extreme corners seem to show a bit of blur, but I wouldn’t describe this to be of any significance, especially for typical buyers of this camera.


The CMOS sensor has 12 megapixels and native 4:3 shooting ratio (4000 x 3000 pixels). It is probably identical to the one used in SX280HS I tested just few days ago. Back side illumination technology is responsible for excellent performance. Images at base ISO 80 are very clean and retain a lot of fine details. As the ISO goes up, noise and noise reduction start to creep in, but Powershot N produces quite usable results up to ISO 1600.

ISO SAMPLES: 80 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400


Battery used is a very small Li-Ion NB-9L unit. It is good enough for around 150 or 200 shots, especially when used with “Eco” mode.


Canon Powershot N is quite an interesting camera. It has excellent 12MP sensor and a good 8x optical zoom. Small dimension make it very practical to carry around all day, and unique design will attract attention without a doubt. Before final buying decision, you should keep in mind it has no flash and is somewhat awkward to use (well, at least from my subjective perspective), but if those thing do not bother you, there are really no valid arguments against Powershot N. Image quality is excellent and this is what is most important for any camera.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Small dimensions
  • Image quality
  • Excellent 8x optical zoom
  • Excellent swivel LCD
  • Wi-Fi connectivity built-in


  • No flash unit
  • Micro SD card is too small and fiddly for regular use
  • Awkward to hold and shoot



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