Canon Powershot G15 vs Canon S110 review

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Let’s say you’re buying a new compact camera and it has to have above average image quality and must be a Canon? Looks like you will choose between Powershot S110 and G15 cameras. They are very similar in many aspects, but completely different in a way they handle. I used them both at the same time and tried to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

These cameras have a long pedigree… first G series model – the G1 debuted in 2000., and S110 can trace its origins from 1999′s S10 model. G series models were always a bit bigger than average compact cameras and were aimed at advanced users not wanting or being able to afford large DSLR models. S series share the image quality part from G models – sensor, optics and image processing firmware yet prioritize on size and portability. So how far have they evolved in 13 years? Let’s find out.



Handling is the main factor which distinguishes these two cameras. Whereas G15 fits nicely in hands and has an extensive range of external controls, S110 is made to fit in jeans back pocket and this makes it handle somewhat awkwardly almost like any other miniature compact camera.

Canon G15 has two control dials, one at the back and one at the front below the shutter release. At default, they work just like you would expect – one controls the exposure, the other one aperture. This off course depends on shooting mode selected, but can be reassigned. For instance, the front one can control ISO or step zoom function if desired. Canon S110 also has twin dials, but the front one is a ring around the lens. Don’t get confused with the ring around G15 lens – that one only covers lens-extension thread used for macro, telephoto or filter extenders and has no effect on camera settings whatsoever.

I would describe overall build quality to be better on G15… in fact, outside they both use same materials, but G15 simply feels better due to more dials and rubber covered front and thumb grip. S110 looks almost spartan; flat and empty plastic surfaces do not reflect a camera that costs almost $ 400.

Buttons in the back are big on both cameras, but G15 has 3 of them extra. Also, G15 has a dedicated EV compensation dial placed right under the thumb. This makes quick exposure adjustments and experiments a breeze.

Regularly used setting can be adjusted via quick menu as seen on other Canon compacts in the past. Main menu is good but I would still rather see the EOS layout with color coded tabs.

Canon Powershot G15 product photos:

Canon Powershot S110 product photos:

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