Canon EOS 80D first thougths

2016 will be the year of the cameras for Canon. After the flagship EOS 1DX mark II, Canon recently released semi-pro model EOS 80D. This is a successor of the EOS 70D which was released back in the summer of 2013. Canon 80D brings a lot of improvements: 45 point AF module (all are cross type and central works down to -3EV), enhanced dual-pixel live view focusing system, improved video mode (1080@60p, mic input + headphones output) and finally a new 24 megapixels sensor which should give significant boost in image quality.

There’s also a lot of complaints in the internet; a lot of folks seem to think 80D looks under-specced compared to Nikon D7200 and especially new Sony A6300. There is no 4k video, no zebra or focus peaking, only 7fps compared to 11 on Sony etc. But internet comments are one thing, reality another. I have yet to see Sony camera which I would describe as intuitive and easy to operate. Sony lenses do not match Canon counterparts in quality and those that do are too big and heavy to be usable on a small camera such as A6300 and have a crazy price tag attached to it.

So far only DP Review released real world RAW files for download. I took a look at them, played a bit with sliders in ACR and am very satisfied with what I see. Canon 80D seems to be the first modern Canon DSLR with significantly improved dynamic range at low ISO. It seems this might be the first Canon to allow significant shadow recovery without noise and banding penalty

Looking at studio samples at DP review, 80D still might not be at the same level as Nikon D7200, but it doesn’t need to be. Although dynamic range can be hugely useful, this is only one of the many parameters which make a great camera. Color accuracy, high ISO, handling and lens ecosystem are also very important and Canon has an edge over Nikon in my opinion.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen on the internet so far, 80D might be a really good camera. I am relly looking forward to get a sample for review and try this new image sensor.

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