Canon EOS 5D Mark III review

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Canon 5D Mark III is without a doubt fantastic professional camera. All the features of Mark II model have been upgraded, so in a way Mark III is what the Mark II should have always have been. New advanced autofocus system is probably the strongest reason to invest into Mark III. Better high ISO performance, a range of features like HDR, multiple exposition or advanced Auto ISO settings are just a cherry on top of the cake.

The problem is image quality generally is not much better than from Mark II model. Noise is under better control, but colors or dynamic change remained basically the same. If you were using Mark II as landscape or studio camera, Mark III might not give enough reasons to upgrade. Almost all upgrades give a leading edge in application that demand high ISO or high speed and focus accuracy.

But the main problem might be the price. At this time, most stores sell it with 3500 USD price tag. Main competitor – Nikon D800 sells for 3000 USD. It might not force Canon users to jump ships, but I believe Mark III price should be a tad lower. Thing will become even more interesting this autumn at Photokina. Sony is expected to release new full frame SLT-A99, and there are rumors of cheap Nikon DSLR called D600. How cheap? In the range of 1500 USD cheap. If Canon doesn’t have an ace up its sleeve, this might steal a lot of profit from Mark III.

All together, Mark III is a great camera, but at this point probably worth only to a certain type of professionals, like photojournalist, wedding or wildlife photographers


Full resolution samples:

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