Canon 24mm, 40mm and 50mm reviews

I have completed all of my video reviews concerning cheap Canon prime lenses. These three are probably the first lenses you should consider just after you got into photography and most likely will keep them forever.

Beside individual reviews, I made two special videos comparing their performance. First video is for crop sensor cameras and compares 24, 40 and 50mm lenses. Second one goes in depth with 40 and 50mm on a full frame camera.

For those of you who are TLDR or TLDW (too long didn’t watch) here’s a quick breakdown:

Full frame users will benefit from 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake as it slightly sharper and has better flare control. It is tiny in size and has a more versatile wider angle of view (almost like 35mm lens) and is ultimate walk around lens (in my opinion). On the other side, 50mm f/1.8 STM has lower vignetting, better low light capability and visibly shallower depth of field. Pick one. Or both.

APS-C (crop sensor) camera owners should definitely get 24mm pancake. It serves similar purpose as 40mm on full frame (it has 38mm FOV equivalent), very nice optics and quite usable close up focusing. Its only weakness is weird flare pattern. Between 40 and 50mm is a bit harder decision. 40mm has better flare resistance and is sharper but has “only” f/2.8 and a bit weird field of view on crop sensor (64mm). 50mm might be a better choice since it has f/1.8 and will create shallower depth of filed. This is a good lens for introduction to portrait photography. Its main downside is less accurate auto focus on just about any Canon body I tried it on.

Ultimately, as all three lenses are very affordable, I think many users could just get all three of them, try them, decide which they like better and sell the other one (or two). I have trouble letting go good lenses so I have kept all of them. I found use for each of them.

For all details and optical analysis, see my videos:

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