What is camerahoarders ?

Camerahoarders.com is a site covering various reviews and articles on digital photography.

During the last few years, I noticed the lack of real life approach in photo equipment testing. Most reviews found on web are done in studio conditions, using test charts and perfectly illuminated test scenes. That might be the most practical way to compare cameras in a sort of objective manner, but not many people will buy them to create photographs of lens test charts, brick walls or a basket of artificial fruit. Some reviews found on the web are even done without camera ever leaving office, and are mostly focused on characteristics, rather than the final image quality or a way that camera handles.

Quite often, such reviews lead to wrong conclusions about product quality, especially on the more affordable side of market, seducing inexperienced photographers into never ending (and quite expensive) quest for perfect equipment. I have taken fantastic photos with some of the cameras or lenses clearly marked as bad from various “respectable” sources. Most downsides of cheaper lenses or cameras can be avoided with a better understanding of how to properly use them.

What are my goals?

My goal is to provide a complete set of information each aspiring digital photographer should know; covering camera reviews under real life conditions, shooting and editing techniques and various articles on past, present and future of photography.

Who am I?

My name is Ivan Ivančić and I am a Croatian based photographer. My journey into photography started when I was around 7 years old, and got a cheap camera from my father. First roll of film was filled mostly with cat and flower pictures in my mother’s garden, but I was hooked without knowing it. The next step happened around ten years ago at the dawn of the digital age. I rediscovered my passion for photography with a small Canon compact camera. Possibility of shooting infinite number of photos without further cost kick started my hobby.

Today, I am working part-time as a freelance photojournalist, but my main points of interest are landscapes and street photography. I like to say I am pursuing infinite quest for perfect light and that one perfect photo.

You can find a small selection of my work at 500px.

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One thought on “About

  1. Veliko Vam hvala na usporednom testu nikon p7700 / oly xz-2. Već duže vrijeme sam u dilemi koji od njih kupiti jer su zaista vrlo izjednačeni po pitanju
    kvalitete fotografija. Ja bih još dodao da, za moje oko, Nikon ima malenkost bolji tonalni balans . Po profesiji sam grafičar pa reprodukciju boja ocjenjujem i sa te strane. Ukratko, u vasem prikazu našao sam upravo ono što me zanimalo.

    Srdaćan pozdrav,
    Ivo Bujanović

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